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Off With Its Head!

A little while ago I decided to relocate my Mac Mini server and run it ‘headless’: without a monitor.

Imagine my surprise when I found that screen sharing performance in decapitated mode was substantially less than normal.

A quick search around the internet turned up the fabulous macminicolo blog. with the reason: in headless mode, the Mac Mini will not load its GPU drivers and so will undertake software-only display rendering.

Not only did the site tell me what the issue was, it also gave a solution or two.

A quick trip to Amazon and the recommended CompuLab Display Emulator HDMI adapter turned up on my doorstep.

Here’s a pretty piccy:

10 secs after arrival, the adapter was plugged in and went to work with no fuss or bother. Full speed, GPU-accelerated screen sharing FTW! I wish all technology worked as well.

All is once again rosy in Bob’s Apple orchard.


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