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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

At a recent meeting covering some really cool technology, I was interested to see the word ‘hate’ so often used.

Person A ‘hated’ Netbeans
Person B ‘hated’ Eclipse
Person C ‘hated’ IntelliJ
Person D ‘hated’ Vi
Person E ‘hated’ Emacs
Person F ‘hated’ Java
Persons G and H ‘hated’ Macs
Persons I and J ‘hated’ Linux
Persons K, L and M ‘hated’ Windows
Person N ‘hated’ Windows running in VMWare on a Mac (ticks several boxes, that one!)

Everyone seemed happy to declaim loudly and often about what they ‘hated’, but no-one ever even said something as mildly positive as “I like X.”

I came to the conclusion that this is a cultural thing. Whether it’s an Australia-cultural thing or a younger-set-than-me-cultural thing I’m not sure.

I don’t ask for Tom Cruise-style histrionics, but come on guys, can we lift our appreciation game, a little? Please?

I’m English…

We’re the race that will stare lovingly into our soulmate’s eyes and say “I quite like you.” I’m of the ethnicity that came up with “it’s just a flesh wound.” My mob thinks that cricket is exciting for heavens’ sake (oh wait…)!


…I guess I’m not that thoroughly English after all: I was insanely happy to see my little project finally work, and I guess that most people ended up knowing just that!


S. postulates that perhaps it is a youth thing: that the young ‘uns simply EXPECT everything to be excellent and so excellence is simply not noteworthy in and of itself. This means that all comments highlight real or supposed imperfections.

A. puts forth the following: “Hmm, hate saves on expressing things more eloquently, so that in itself is perhaps what is sad, our laziness in the spoken word!?”


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