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Updating Namespaced Attributes With Groovy’s XmlSlurper

A recent question on the Groovy mailing list asked

I need to update the “xlink:title” attribute in:

<gmi:instrument xlink:title=”$INSTRUMENT”/>

Here’s what I came up with:

import groovy.xml.*

def xmlSource = '''
<bob:root xmlns:bob="stuff"
  <gmi:instrument xlink:title="$INSTRUMENT"/>

def bobRoot = new XmlSlurper(false,true).
                declareNamespace(bob: 'stuff',
                                 ns2: '',
                                 gmi: "")

def instrument = bobRoot.'gmi:instrument'

// NB: does NOT work: instrument[0].attributes().remove('xlink:title')
// NB: works, but YUK: instrument[0].attributes().remove('{}title')

// NB: leads to duplicate attribute: instrument.'@xlink:title' = 'XXX'
instrument.'@{}title' = 'XXX'

println new StreamingMarkupBuilder().bind {
  mkp.yield instrument


The key here is finding out that you need to use the full namespaced name, not the shorter name.

IMHO, this is a bug and I have created GROOVY-6356 using this code.

I’m also wondering why I needed to use ‘instrument[0]‘ to get at the attributes.

All this is more obscure and convoluted than it probably needs to be so keep watching the Jira.

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