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Just went along to a free day on “Introduction to Amazon Web Services.” Thank you, Amazon.

I even got the certificate to prove it…

…along with the other 300+ people in the room, of course.

Many, many attendees are already using AWS, it appears.

The degree of sophistication now is startling. LOTS more ‘stuff’ available than first meets the/my eye.

Loadbalancers, DNS, caches, NAT boxes, clusters, networking ACLs, SSO, etc. All “straight out of the box.” All quickly provisioned and at ridiculously low prices, to boot.

The presenter continually kept hammering home: “no need for server engineers, network engineers, database engineers, etc., etc.”

Actually, it doesn’t matter what he or anyone says…just tell the bean counters: “this is opex, not capex” and they will go for it like a dog after a bone.

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