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Java And Windows

I can’t believe that Java is now 19 years old and people are still asking about how to deal with path-like structures and spaces in Java.

It is really very simple: avoid using spaces :-)

You can do “dir /x” in a command prompt window, find out what the short pathname for a directory is and just use that version wherever needed. Viz.:

You will usually (UNLESS you have been tweaking one of NTFS’s more esoteric parameters, in which case…stop tweaking) find that “Program Files” is ‘PROGRA~1′. This form can be used anywhere with no problems.

For example:

set JAVA_HOME=R:\PROGRA~1\Java\jdk1.7.0_25


Simple. There’s no need to avoid the nice human-readable paths usually used in Windows.

Seriously, it isn’t a problem, guys!

It hasn’t been a problem since at least NT4.0 (which is as far back as I go, anyway).

For reference: DIR.

Update: This of course applies to any JVM-based language/system, including Groovy.

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