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More Tragic Still

Following on from my earlier admission.

I’m now the owner of a shiny new iPhone 4.

Happy to report no Grip Of Death issues for me. That I have yet noticed, anyway.

I have been caught by the suspect proximity sensor issue, though. The somewhat serendipitous and slightly suspect fix seems to have worked for me…so far…lucky me.

The reality distortion field generator embedded into (or embodied by, perhaps) the device seems to be going strong…

I’ll admit that I’m still absolutely amazed by the device, faults or no faults. Seems to me that it is bringing us all one step closer to the sort of sci-fi future that I read about as a youngling. I really can imagine Captain Kirk picking up his iPhone and telling Scotty to “beam me up.”

Spoke rather too soon there. That purported ‘fix’ for the proximity sensor issue didn’t actually work: every time I participate in a phone call the flaming device mutes, holds, loudspeaks, dials and generally p*%$&s me off! If the version of IOS due Real Soon Now doesn’t fix this behaviour, I may well take the device (I hesitate to call it a phone at this point in time) back to Apple for a “please explain” and a refund. The reality distortion field is weakening fairly rapidly…shame, that. I still adore my iPad.


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