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MarkupBuilder, How Do I love Thee…

In oh, so many ways!

Groovy’s MarkupBuilder class can really clean up your code.

import groovy.xml.*

def out = new StringWriter()
def b = new MarkupBuilder(out)
b.table(id: 'test', border: 0) {
  tbody {
    tr {
      td "hello"
      td(id: 'hello_id', 'hello')
      td(id: 'test', /hello/)
      td(id: 'esc') { mkp.yield ' ' }
      td(id: 'unesc') { mkp.yieldUnescaped ' ' }
      td(id: 999) { mkp.yield 999 }
      td(id: 99) { mkp.yieldUnescaped 99 }
      td(id: 88) { mkp.yieldUnescaped 'hello' }
      td(id: 77) { mkp.yieldUnescaped "hello2" }
      td(id: 66) { mkp.yieldUnescaped """hello3""" }
      // gives compilation error "unexpected token: } at line: 19, column: 48":
      //   td(id: 55) { mkp.yieldUnescaped /hello4/ }
      td(id: 55) { mkp.yieldUnescaped "" + /hello4/ }

println out.toString()

This produces:

<table id='test' border='0'>
      <td id='hello_id'>hello</td>
      <td id='test'>hello</td>
      <td id='esc'>&nbsp;</td>
      <td id='unesc'> </td>
      <td id='999'>999</td>
      <td id='99'>99</td>
      <td id='88'>hello</td>
      <td id='77'>hello2</td>
      <td id='66'>hello3</td>
      <td id='55'>hello4</td>

This was just another of those “external brain dump” posts…I didn’t want to loose my memory and there are a few subtle points (or at least a few things that I found out by trial-and-error). There’s not too much other stuff around.

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