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Groovy With…


Following on from my earlier posting extolling the virtues of Groovy’s ‘with’ closure.

This bit me a while back…

Groovy’s Object.with(closure) method doesn’t constitute a ’scope’ and in fact global variables actually shadow the object instance ones.

Consider this script

// file: with.groovy
class X {
  def x
  def y
  def a
  def b
static main(args) {
  def x = 99
  def y = 88
  new X(x: 42, y: 21, a: 0, b: 0).with {
    println "x: $x, y: $y, a: $a, b: $b"
    println "x: $it.x, y: $it.y, a: $it.a, b: $it.b"

// end with.groovy

Execution in GroovyConsole gives:

x: 99, y: 88, a: 0, b: 0
x: 42, y: 21, a: 0, b: 0

Note how on the first println $x is resolved to the global ‘x’, and so on.

It’s not really a bug…in hindsight it makes sense (as is the way with hindsight ;-)).

It is REALLY (UNpleasantly) surprising when one comes across this issue intially, however.

The tip for novice players is: always use the with closure’s parameter to access fields. Always.

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